About Access Jobs

Access Jobs was designed with the goal of making both job seeking and recruitment easier. For job seekers, we wanted to provide a simple job search engine that was accessible and usable on any Internet-enabled device. For employers, we've made the task of adding your job listings easier than ever, and provided additional information on how to recruit the employees you are looking for.

Usable Accessibility

In addition to strictly adhering to the guidelines laid out by Section 508 and WCAG 2.0, we strove to find other ways in which we could make the site more accessible and usable. For Devis, accessibility is about more than just following a checklist; it's about making our content available to as many people as possible. To achieve this goal, we ensured that the site could be used on any device, regardless of operating system, screen resolution, or category (mobile/tablet/desktop).

In modern web and application development, there are several methods commonly used to provide content across different devices. One of these methods is to maintain separate "desktop" and "mobile" sites, with the "mobile" version often lacking some of the content and/or functionality of the "desktop" site. Another popular approach is to create a companion application that can only be used on certain devices or mobile operating systems such as Android or iOS. This also has drawbacks, such as locking out users who don't have a compatible device.

Fortunately a new metholodogy called Responsive Design has emerged, which has the same goal - providing an optimized experience to all users - but none of the drawbacks of previous approaches. The primary difference with responsive design is that the exact same content is served to all users, but the experience is optimized and tailored to the device you are using.

Responsive Design

For Access Jobs, we've used a fairly simple approach to responsive design. The easiest way to observe this is on the search results screen, pictured below. As the user's screen width increases, the layout goes from a single-column view to a multi-column view, in order to best utilize the available screen space. On smaller devices, such as mobile phones, job listings will appear in a single column, but as the device width increases they will be displayed in 2 or even 3 columns.

This is the most obvious use of responsive design on the site, but we encourage you to try the site on any device that you have available to see how the layout adapts depending on the size of the screen.

Small Screens

screenshot of Access Jobs on small-screen device

Medium Screens

screenshot of Access Jobs on medium-screen device

Large Screens

screenshot of Access Jobs on large-screen device